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'In January I was scheduled to have a minor procedure done by Dr Tumi. The day of the surgery I came down with the flu. It was hitting most of the town at that time.. Our local hospital (probably like many) will not operate on you if you come down with any kind of bug. We phoned the department I was suppose to report to and spoke to the nurse on duty. She said we did the right thing by cancelling and everything would be taken care of. Now we are getting notices from Tumi's office saying we owe him $150.00 and threatening us with a 5% monthly charge if unpaid. This is not only beyond insensitive it's unprofessional. He was rude and uncaring during my initial exam with him and literally rushed me out the door. Hi staff was not much better. The entire appointment was under 5 minutes. I shrugged it off originally but that combined with these office threats tells me that my initial feeling about him was right. Best avoided!'
these claim been investigated by the office and the hospital
and we could not find such a story at all
must be mistaken or confused with other doctors.
this clinic or any clinic does not charge any patient for cancellation if there is a reasonable reason, period.

Why didn't you call the

Another wink. Why didn't you call the office to let them know so they would be aware of the situation. Obviously, no one told the office otherwise a bill never would have been sent to you. You can't always rely on the hospital to notify the offices of these situations.

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