Rating Feedback for Dr. Tran (2256882)

The rating:
'So Dr Tran was referred to me, he billed my INS and he got back a good reimbursement. Then I still was charge a good penny . The Work he did is not the best. I developed an infection that was not treated. Also, the final results were terrible. Im ruined. At first I thought he did me a favor but I was better off the way I was before. Now I have a tummy tuck from hell .not only did he make more that 10,000 he still charged me extra. Talk about abuse. If he got paid that much he couldve done his best.'
There is little a patient can do in a legal sense. However, complaints can be made to tmb.state.tx.us/consumers, the grievance committees at all of the hospitals where Dr. Tran practices,the Tarrant County Medical Society and the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. It is my opinion that there are no complaints on these sites, because his credentials - license #G5701 - are in the name of Thanh Ba Tran in Arlington instead of Anthony Tran.