Rating Feedback for Dr. Moghadam (2531399)

The rating:
'Our first and only visit to Dr. Moghadam was very unpleasant. We felt rushed, his bedside manners were atrocious. When we tried to ask questions he continually interupted. He spoke badly about the doctor that had referred us to him. We needed a doctor but what we got was a salesman selling his services, he pulled out his laptop to show us his slideshow...! After becoming impatient because we told him we would like time to think about it he basically said your time is up you can talk in the conference room. As a doctor I would think he would be more sympathetic and understand what an emotional time it is when you've been trying for two years to concieve but his All-BUSINESS approach is so unsettling. Will never recommend him!'
We appreciate the chance to have met with this couple once, and are disappointed that we will be unable to help them further, particularly since we are the third practice they have sought assistance from. We acknowledge their vulnerability as patients, declining to comment further on the many inaccuracies above, especially those that are personally directed against Dr. Moghadam. We wish them the best going forward.