Rating Feedback for Dr. Sorokin (2533370)

The rating:
'went to him for a consultation to see about getting some fillers in my laugh lines and he said you couldn't do it in that area....went to 2 other doctors that said that absolutely you can and that is the perfect location for it....he tried to get me to purchase outrageously priced pkgs for some other procedures....i felt like all he really was interested in was making money....would not recommend or ever go back to.....'
It is very difficult to respond to comments like these when one does not know who the person writing it is. I can only say that I use many fillers in my practice and there are good places to put them, and bad places to put them. I see so many unhappy people who have had fillers placed in places that leave them with lumps, bumps, and irregularities. Fillers are FDA approved for certain locations. Some people need more than fillers such as laser procedures and some even need surgery. Fillers are nice, but not always the best option and the point of a consultation is to give people options. I apologize that in your opinion was that all I am interested in was making money as this is the farthest from the truth. You are certainly entitled to this opinion, however ask any of my patients and they will tell you that we charge very fair prices for Botox and Fillers that are lower than even the prices of many of the non-plastic surgeons in this area. Many of these docs will give you what you are asking for even if it is the wrong procedure. I do not offer people the wrong treatment just because it is what they believe they need. I wish you the best of luck in reaching your aesthetic goals!