Rating Feedback for Dr. Lemper (1389434)

The rating:
'Long waits, phone calls not returned, referrals not followed up on and that is just the office staff who greet you. Really not fair to blame the front desk staff for 3+hr waits Dr. Lemper cares more about the almight $$$ then about the patient. He is fast to determine a problem with just 15 minutes with you without x-rays or an MRI. His bedside manner leaves ALOT to consider. Is there something worse then horrible. Find a different pain management doctor and office. You don't need to pay for his entire center. Your time is more valuable then that and it should be respected. You deserve follow up and a caring person. Not here!!!! Wait they will respond with something that shows they r perfect.'
Their staff is rude, unprofessional, and inconsiderate. They are all about the $$$$$$. I had many procedures, not knowing another pain mgt. doctor at the time, and he messed me up so bad that the damage is irreversible. Between the medications, general anesthesia more than once a month for procedures that don't require general anesthesia, and his lack of bedside manners, as all he did was complain about his malpractice suits, I thought, something is wrong here, so I left and found some great doctors. Your time is more valuable than to sit and wait for him to collect your money. And if you leave, they charge you for the visit, even if you reschedule. He has double billed my insurance company so many times, and billed them for appointments I didn't have or rescheduled. GO elsewhere!! We need to fight this lying, over billing criminal! He tries to keep his patients sedated so the don't know what's really happening until he collects his monies from your insurance, and then it's too late!!