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The rating:
'1st visit. Billed insurance 4000 for a level 3 consultation. No prescriptions no xrays MRI or anything. Asked me questions and took notes. Refused to fill out disability papers. Tried to charge 125$ per page for fmla x 21 pages. Staff doesn't communicate. Obviously he didn't learn after a 1.25 million dollar lawsuit for defrauding insurance companies. Urinalysis cost me 950$ are you serious. Worst place ever. Go see Dr Michael Fischell. 10000x better. They won't rape you or your insurance.'
I agree 100%!!! Dr. Lemper is all about collecting your money and not helping patients! He should be listed on the WALK OF SHAME board! Find another pain specialist, Dr. Lemper s a criminal. Also trying to figure out his billing is outrageous, as he bills you from his 2 offices, at the same location to confuse the insurance companies more. Staff is horrible, and also some are related to him, so beware when trying to solve a problem. When I went to him, and he recommended physical therapy at his office, I learned that he did not have a certified PT, it was a trainer from a gym!!!!!! Also, the massage therapist at the time old not massage, but talk about his girlfriend, and I complained, but they continued to charge me for nothing!!! Exactly as you mention, they RAPE your insurance, and the patient. They are never on time, and to sit and wait for a PA for up to 3 hrs is unacceptable.