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'Breast implant on September with double bubble and ugly hug scared he correct by lift my nipples but still have we argued because another surgery had to be done at hospital finally I had to paid some for he correct whatever he did right now after 3 surgery my boob one-side lot bigger and lower than another he told me he will correct and I ask him if he want to wait he said it won't correct by itself I tried to make appointment but I can't finally his helper told me have to wait 6 month and Dr have to pay for someone help him do another surgery in his office I am so sad I am not deserve this I paid every penny cash and always smile and before never said anything bad about him I ask for some money back that I can correct my boob I already ask few Dr at least I have to pay 6000 after 6000 I paid to him I hope it won't happen to other girl I want to kill myself everyday when I look my breast he need more experience and responsibility and learn about business'
We really feel terrible about how unhappy you are with your surgery, but please know we have done all in our power to assist you and will continue to do so, if you so desire. The Double Bubble breast deformity is most commonly due to "memory" of the lower portion of the breast combined with an undermining of breast or inframmamary fold which retains its shape. This essentially means that your tissue is staying in a different location from your infra-mammary fold. Many times there is a chance that this may improve later on by sheer distention caused by tension and gravity. In your particular case Dr. Thomassen took every effort to repair your left breast and was successful at it. Unfortunately a short time later your right breast presented the same problem.
Surgery, is never an exact science and complications such as these do arise. Not due to anything the surgeon has intentionally done, but essentially how your body heals and adapts to changes. We always strive to make our patients comfortable and strive for happiness by meeting their expectations. We have offered you additional revisions to correct it; however, it is prudent that you wait until all the swelling and inflammation has resolved before deciding if further surgery is needed. Six months is a reasonable timeframe. If the problem persists, please come see us and Dr. Thomassen will be more than happy to help you. A constricted breast deformity or "double bubble deformity is a very challenging problem for both the patient and surgeon. Please believe us, Dr. Thomassen is as unhappy as you with the results; however, it is nothing that could have been predicted or prevented. We will be glad to make every effort to correct it when the time is right.

The Thomassen Plastic Surgery Team