Rating Feedback for Dr. Kos (1351574)

The rating:
'Staff comes across as nice at first but don't ever question the older wanna be nurse or ask her how much longer. The younger blonde nurse is amazing. The receptionist is rude, never smiles and should dress like a receptionist not a nurse. She is the worst person who has ever worked there. Wait time is horrible and sitting on wooden benches for hours at a time is uncalled for. Most times you explain to the reception why you are coming, tell the nurse why you are there, explain to the various med students what the matter is and about 3-4 hours later you finally get to see the doctor. Who speaks to you a total of 1.5 mins and then rushes you out the door. He does seem to know his stuff and can be helpful most of the time. He needs to clean his office and tiny washroom, get off the phone and focus on his patients. I think he only became a doctor for the money and could careless about anyone else unless they have something to offer him.'
I have to say that I am completely shocked by this assessment of Dr. Kos' staff. My family and I have been patients for years and have found this secretary to be the best one Dr. Kos has ever had! His staff has always treated us with nothing but kindness, courtesy, friendliness and caring. I think that staff dress appropriately and professionally, I personally like to see all staff in a medical office dress like they belong there. The wait is too long and the office is dirty. If the secretary and other nurse seem unkind it must be from dealing with rude patients such as yourself. We were very sorry to see the blonde secretary go, she was a breath of fresh air.