Rating Feedback for Dr. Healley (2558237)

The rating:
'Dr Heally is the most Kind, Compassionate and Competent doctor that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. The manner in which he looked after my mom was exemplary and we are indebted to him for showing her so much humor and compassion when she was dealing with her tongue blisters. His care for me when I had a heart attack was exceptional and re-assuring. He listened and allowed me to debate with him the merits of certain medications. He was always open to letting me ask questions and yet was firm but polite in his answers. Dr Heally is a very very good doctor and I look forward to him resuming his medical practice.'
I am aware of the Challanges Dr Heally faces. We are all Human and we all make errors of judgement. No one will ever know if he was entrapped.
What does not change is the fact that Dr Heally is an Exceptionally talented docter. He knows what he is doing. when my son was suffering alerigic reactions, Dr Heally came in an hour earlier and administered an " Alergy " test of 24 different things that my son could be reacting to.
Show me another doctor who would go out of his way to come in early to help his patient. What I am sure of is the fact that I will NEVER find a doctor as good as Dr Heally.