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The rating:
'Well, as far as Dr. Farrell goes i wouldnt take my dog to him. I took my daughter to see him after we had been in an accident and we got in the office and all i got out of him was, mmmm, mmm hhmmmm, yea, mm mhhh. After about 20 minutes of him saying mm hmm he told me to go home and give her childrens tylenol. When i got home she was in so much pain i had to take her back up and thank god he wasn't still on and the other doctor actually checked her out and sent her for x-rays the next morning. So as far as Dr. Farrell i would rather to get my dog to check me out then go to Dr. Farrell. So Dr. Farrell i would suggest you go back to school.'
So the another doc sent her for xray. Was anything actually broken?