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'He was too worried about getting paid. He couldnt wait for insurance payment. "gotta keep the lights on" was his favorite saying. He was more concerned about this than helping. Said he'd repay after insurance paid. HA! He hurt our marriage and our child with ADD. Dont waste youre money and time!'
I am sorry that you had that impression regarding fees and insurance payments. Unfortunately, for insurance companies that I am not considered "a preferred provider," insurance does not guarantee payment, and the payment is due at the time of service. I absolutely stand by my ethical obligation to pay full refunds for payments later made by insurance if they are duplicates to payments you made. Please let me know if your insurance has paid, and a prompt, full refund will be given to you immediately. Also, if you contact my office, I will make a special inquiry into your account with my billing service, and see to it that you receive a full refund, if it is due.

As for your comments about

As for your comments about ADD or marital treatment, I pride myself in first doing no harm, and second, in helping save marriages, and improving the lives of sufferers of ADD, and their families. I wonder, how many visits did you have with me-one or two? I have never received complaints like these in my 25 years of providing caring, compassionate treatment for individuals, couples and families. I would be happy to speak with you to make right whatever you felt went wrong in your prior meeting with me.

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