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'My husband had a vasectomy reversal in July, 2010. From the first time we met Dr. Silber & his staff, they were a complete joy to work with! We had no babysitter for our daughters the day of our consultation & one of the staff watched our girls. She got them snacks, told them stories & got them papers to draw on. The girls loved her SO much, they wanted to go back! My husband & I were so nervous about the procedure, because of the cost, this was our only shot. From the second we talked with Dr. Silber, we had complete confidence that it would be a success! Dr. Silber eased our fears & anxiety & assured us that we were in the best hands. The procedure went fantastic. Dr. Silber spoke with me right away & assured me that everything went great & I now had a fertile husband! When we went for our first analysis just 3 months post op, we were ecstatic to hear the results! His count & motility were back to normal! We are now 9 months post op & happy to say, PREGNANT! Thank you Dr. Silber! : )'
Ive seen like 18 bad reviews and about 20 good reviews. How do I know any of these are legit! I am doing alot of research and really want to make the right decision for my husbands vasectomy reversal and cannot screw this up for that kind of money. This is our only **** to make this successful the first time. I need the best! I cant afford for the doctor to be unsuccessful on the first time and no refund. And isnt he really old to be doing this like in his mid 70's not to be rude. Dont their eye sights get worse even when doing the procedure with a microscopic tool? I would think that hospitals would be better than just a clinic but I dont know!