Rating Feedback for Dr. Cappleman (2349906)

The rating:
'First "hands off" physical ever. No prostate or hernia exam. No checking any organs or lymphnodes. He ignored dealing with medical complaints I had and never checked anything for himself. No follow-up to out of limits lab results. His focus was not on the patient. This doctor can dangerous to your health if you have any problems. Go elsewhere.'
I am truly sorry this patient was unhappy with his experience in our office. Every patient has a different idea of what they believe should be included in a physical. Our office uses the latest guidelines published by the major institutions (such as the American College of Physicians) in determining what tests and exams to do on each patient. These are individualized based on age, sex and risk factors. We are focused on doing the right amount of care, and not doing extra testing that only increases discomfort, cost and risk. When there is further information requested I do not think you will find another office that is more responsive to any question, big or small. The patients happiness equals our job satisfaction.

John Cappleman, MD