Rating Feedback for Dr. Hugo (2140743)

The rating:
'In the same breath that he told me I had cervical cancer, he berated me for being a lesbian, he told me I would never go to heaven and that god was punishing me for being gay. I should've changed Dr.'s then but I needed the procedure done so I went back to him, he did the leep procedure and when I got home I had to be rushed by ambulance back to camrose as he had cut an artery and I had began to bleed out, 12 hours after what was supposed to be a simple procedure the bleeding had stopped and I had been sent home again. Again, I should've changed Dr.'s, but I didn't want to believe that he would give me sub-standard healthcare because I was gay so a year later when I needed my check up I went back, I was then diagnosed with endometriosis, he did a laproscopic surgery that seemed to have gone fine until 6 months later when I could no longer move, scar tissue had built up around my ovaries, so we did another surgery that I came out of with the worst bladder infection I've ever had.'
I went to see him because I have a huge uterine fibroid,and I went with my partner and when he found out we were a lesbians couple he started to saying "why we want to have a baby? a baby need a father, a baby is not a toy to play with, and the end he told me that because I am lesbian I HAVE TO NOT HAVE KIDS AND MY UTERINE HAVE TO BE REMOVED , so I was feeling so bad becuase of him , I am not deserve to have a kid because I am lesbian? it was june 2012, I am still waiting to have sugery to remove the fibroid.I do not know where I can go to complaint about it???.I felt discriminated for being LESBIAN.