Rating Feedback for Dr. Cziraki (2448161)

The rating:
'Words can't even begin to describe how terrible my experience has been with this DR!She is never there and when she is she doesnt even know who her patients are.My treatment was only supposed to be two years tops, and I'm almost at 3 and a half years now, even though I've follwed to a T. The assistants are so rude it's pathetic.Not to mention rough.She even clamped the end of the wire cutters on my forehead.How in the world, I dunno?They put on a front when the DR is there.They do a terrible job and I've swallowed so many metal pieces and have at wires sticking in my cheek.They turned around and tried to tell me I wasn't eating right.Huh?I live out of town and they are not accomidating at all.Poor customer support.Yesterday I waited for a half hour to get in to my schedualed apttm.To top it off she has her dog roaming freely around the clinic.That's gotta be real sanitary.Save yourself from this and run away fast.Don't even consider going to any of her offices.'
You must be terrible Paient !!! or some Competitions staff member. Really nothing true what you describe.