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'It has taken me a year and a half to get up the courage to write and say that Dr. Morgenthau is the worst doctor I have ever seen. I waited over 2 hours to see him and was lucky to get 5 minutes of his time. When I first sat down for the initial consult I started to say something. he immediately cut me off and gruffly said that "he will ask the questions". He was closing his eyes and appeared to be falling asleep during our appt. I was referred to him because the thoracic area of my back had gone completely numb and was very painful. He pin pricked the area a couple of times and told me to go home and exercise. He did not order any further tests. I have since been to 2 amazing neurologists who ordered MRI's and have diagnosed me with Syringomyelia. I am now being followed very carefully and have been given a medication that is helping the pain. Dr. Morgenthau should never have dismissed ANY opportunity to help in the diagnosis and treatment of my unfortunate disease.'
hi, I was wondering if you can share the name and phone of the good neurologists you were mentioning.
I too was unfortunate to meet the Dr.Morgenthau. I think he has some hidden line that he only sees, if you cross it you're scraped as a valid patient.