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'This was written on :April 25th, 2012 6 weeks ago I had the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure done by Dr.Jugenburg and I can honestly say that I have no regrets. My experience with Dr.Jugenbury and his staff especially Sarah and Kim was fantastic. Prior to selecting this doctor I met with approximately 4 others in the GTA area and no one compares to Dr.Jugenburg. Him and his staff are very well informed and courteous. I had 3 consultaions with him and he was always very prompt, patient and pleasant. Sarah answered my million questions on a daily basis for weeks. Kim was very kind, welcoming and always got back to me promptly. I am still healing but I can say that I am thrilled with my results. I always had an hour glass figure but I had no booty but now I have it all thanks to Dr.Jugenburg. It's worth the money and if you are considering this procedure with Dr.Jugenburg and are able to do it: GO FOR IT!'

I am highly considering getting the BBL with Dr. Jugenburg and would love to chat with you about your experience and outcome!

So far his staff has been so nice, very quick to get back to you and very patient with all my questions!