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'I wish there was a negative option. She is not skilled in medication. She refused to listen to the drug manufacturers recommendations for weaning off of a drug because she somehow knew better and refused to listen to how I was feeling. She almost had me suicidal after just 1 visit and I had to call to see her sooner than my follow up. I had to switch to her due to my other Dr not taking insurance anymore. I am now just going to pay my other Dr. She is much more competent to handle patients and much more caring and knowledgeable. This Dr. argued with me and screamed at the top of her lungs when I told her what the drug manufacturer said and showed her the list of side effects from withdrawal with mine highlighted and she refused to believe it. Amazingly, when I re-started the med, the withdrawals stopped!! I reported her to the Texas Medical Board! I have a team of Dr.'s due to my Chronic illness, and never have I had a Dr treat me so badly and be this incompetent! BEWARE!!!'
Nonsense. Why is a person with a team of doctors "hopping" around and experimenting with new doctors?

My grandchild is a patient of this Doctor's and I think she is one of the best Psychiatrists I have ever met. She has worked wonders (grand-baby moved in with me recently).

I hope someone from this Doctor's clinic responds to this terrible Man... and in case you didn't notice, you were not the only one in the clinic ie: the front desk person is ALWAYS there. Any bull you claim or report will be either be rejected OR backed up by the front desk person. Second, I am a lawyer and I say to the doctor that she (with front desk person as witness) talk to their lawyer about suing this man for LIBEL and for time wasted in responding to any questions by the Medical Board.

Free legal advice -- just my way of saying thank you, doc.

I changed Dr's because my Dr

I changed Dr's because my Dr was no longer taking insurance. With my chronic illness, my medical bills are OUTRAGEOUS! I went back to that Dr. anyway. I will gladly pay out of pocket and wait for reimbursement from my insurance.

P.S. The receptionist was NOT in the room with us, and she is not medically responsible for the patients. Perhaps you should go back to law school! The dr. that I went back to said she has MANY patients coming back to her due to Dr. Raheems inexperience and negligence.

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