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The rating:
'Dr Houbi is a very nice person! The weakness he has in the industry of health is that he has limited contacts for referrals and it seems to take longer than other Dr.s to get a response from specialists. In addition, he has a very mainstream "Western Medicine" approach not wanting to delve into new research. Even with saying that, I would recommend him if you are looking for someone that is personable, great bedside manners and intelligent.'
I am impressed with Dr. Houbi as well. As a note: he did referred me to a specialist for my condition and I actually went in pretty fast (unexpectedly). My regular family dr. , which has quite a reputation in Calgary, and Iâ??m seeing him for over 10 years, was not able (or willing) to get me a referral to a good specialist. I was feeling so down by not being able to get help, and I thought Iâ??d seek help somewhere else. I came to see Dr. Houbi, based on the good reviews that I found on this website. I have to say that I am not disappointed. I only explained him once what my problem is and he referred my to one of the highest rated specialists in what I needed it. I am grateful that I came across this man. Iâ??ve seen him few times already and I had only positive experiences. I would recommend him as a doctor.