Rating Feedback for Dr. Barravecchio (2546269)

The rating:
'He makes you wait. He cares more about his new car than his patients. I honestly believe any positive reviews were written by himself or his staff. His bedside manner is the worst. One of his medical assistants doesn't even know how to take your blood pressure. Go elsewhere, you will be happier.'
While we respect everyone's right to an opinion, we believe that the above mentioned poster's accusations are out of the norm, and not an accurate reflection of the typical patient's experience with Dr. Barravecchio.

Dr. Barravecchio has always put his patient's needs and concerns as a top priority which is evidenced by his loyal following. He typically runs on schedule and is known for being very personable and caring.

Dr. Barravecchio has a zero-tolerance policy for unsatisfied patients and urges anyone with valid concerns to reach out to me, Timothy Hermansen - Practice Administrator, for a speedy resolution to any issue that may exist. My number is: (973) 942-6005.

Naturally, not every doctor-patient relationship is a perfect fit but we essentially strive to accomplish that goal.