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'I was seeing Dr. cooke a couple of years ago because of unexplained miscarriages. After spending money on tests and medication I became pregnant on my own again. At seven weeks I was told in a very cold reptilian manner that my baby was dead. She said that she was only to get me pregnant, not find out why I was losing them. I wonder why she even saw me to begin with since that was the reason I was sent to her to begin with. I felt like a number in the clinic, left in an overcrowded waiting room for lengthy periods of time. I have since found a wonderful clinic that was interested in finding out the problem, and lucky me, was successful. Some doctors I have been told are only interested in what makes them money...not actually helping the client...and that is the kind of doctor that dr. cooke is... If you want a baby, and a bit of kindness if you are unfortunate to miscarry after the struggle to conceive, please find someone else to help. Do not waste precious time and money !!!!'
The lab technicians etc are friendly and nice but I feel the same way about Dr. Cooke, very simplistic. I was seeing her for unexplained infertility, we tried clomid-didnt work and then we gave up and just tried naturally and conceived. I have had three miscarriages. They did a full blood work last year and never called me with any results, until I called 4 months later they told me to come in to discuss results with doctor. They are not thorough at all. I have had bad experience with one of my miscarriages, I was going every other day to ensure my HCG level went back to 0, then one morning the nurse called to tell me congratulations I am pregnant, I had to inform her that I actually had a miscarriage and what she should be telling me was if my numbers were nearing 0. She apologized that she did not read my chart properly. That really just confirmed my discomfort with the clinic. Please if you can tell me which other doctor you went to and got satisfactory results.