Rating Feedback for Dr. GUDZ (1632626)

The rating:
'WORST GYNO EVER! Here's why: The staff and doctor spoke a foreign language in the room with me while I was being examined. He lectured me in his office for a long time needlessly. I had to argue for the medication I wanted for a good while. I wanted the BC pill and he was pushing the IUD as well as other procedures. He got mad at me when I told him I didn't want to have a baby. What kind of doctor tells an unmarried woman in her 20s that she should have a baby soon and then gets mad about her hesitation? He spoke with me about personal matters with his door open and the door to the waiting room open. People heard everything (I asked). He was probably the most forceful, opinionated and overall unprofessional doctor I have ever encountered in my life. He was not helpful in the slightest and I left his office feeling quite humiliated. Doctors should not be voicing their opinions about a patient's personal life when it's unrelated to treatment, etc. End of story.'
First of all we apologize for open door, and reason than lenty explanation about health risk of OCP and smoking is to personal.My office stuff is multilingual to better support comunity we serve and if its nonconvinient you should check us before coming.