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'Dr Toy and His Staff are very Professional. My surgery was January 14th 2013. I had Breast Reduction and Tommy Tuck. I'm still on my first week but pleased with my results for now. I must say i was not happy with the nursing staff at the royal Alex but this is something Dr Toy has no control off. I will sure recommend him for any person who wishes to have this type of surgery int he future. He us very knowledgeable and sure knows what he is doing. My cost share was $6800'
I'm scheduled for a full T.T. in March. Really nervous about it. Actually I was supposed to have this done last year but cancelled because of fear... It's been a month or so since your surgery. Are you still satisfied of your choice of doctor and the surgery itself? Could you please contact me on my e-mail? I agree that so far the staff at his office has been very helpful and patient with me. I'm not as scared now but would like your opinion now that more time has passed since your surgery and to discuss post surgery care.

HI Yes im very satisfied and


Yes im very satisfied and happy with my results .I was very worried about the surgery just like you but Dr Toy is an amazing Dr and the results are great . I went back to work on Monday, i have very minor pain and I've been off pain killers for a week now. The first week is the hardest but with pain killers you don't really feel that much pain. I'm a single mom with three kids I was able to move around the house and make some food for the kids 5 days after surgery . `The reason why i posted on this site is that i was very scared before the surgery and wanted to have as much information as possible. I had my surgery at the royal Alex the nurse wanted to remove the tummy drain the next day, that would've been a big mistake and would've caused infection. Thankfully the Dr came to see me at that moment and he told the nurse not to touch the drains. Dr Toy removed the drains two weeks after. Home care are great and they did a great job changing my dressings. Good luck on your surgery and let me know if you have any other questions.

Hey I have been doing a lot

Hey I have been doing a lot of research and what has been holding me back from going even for a consultation is the price of surgery. I am wanting well, needing exactly what you had done! I see that you had only paid 6800, I am wondering if you had a portion government funded or covered through insurance?

Can one of you message me

Can one of you message me back.
I am looking to have a ba and a tt done soon.
Email address is

Hi there, I am glad to hear

Hi there, I am glad to hear how pleased you were with Dr.Toy, it is helpful. And I am aware of fun times with staff throughout the Alec, unfortunate.
I wanted to ask how you were able to have both procedures done at that 'share' of the cost? I have medical issues, and I am wondering if thats how you were able to have some help, or if it was thru your insurance plan? I have been looking into this off and on for years, and I have had health issues for ages, and i just feel if its gonna make me feel more comfortable in so many ways, and yes, to be honest will also allow me to be more confident with myself, then looking into it, getting thorough honest information, and especially if it will help me pain wise, with all i find out, I will be able to sit and really look thru everything from all angles and make the best choice for me.
Anyways, if you dont feel comfortable answering on here, let me know and ill provide my email address. Thank you kindly.

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