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'Paid 175 for consult out of pocket for 10 mins visit with Weinberger. He said my son needed 6 crowns in excess of $3500 and because he specifies himself as a specialist the hospital fees are more then a general dentist. I went to two other dentists for 2nd and 3rd opinions and both other dentists disagreed strongly with his treatment plan. My son had 2 fillings done at a general dentist with oral sedation. None of this was even an option with Weinberger, when I asked for white fillings he suggested I was neglecting my son. Awful service, no professionalism. I asked him to just work on the teeth that the other dentist agreed need to be filled and his receptionist said he does all the work he thinks is required or know at all. I went to one of the other dentists and had the teeth filled, and am completely satisfied with her service! When I friend told me she was referred to Weinberger for her son, I advised her to go elsewhere! Weinberger is looking to get rich quick more crowns more $$'
Those are pretty hurtful things you are saying about a dentist just because he gave you his opinion? Im just shocked to read this because my recent visit to the dental office was quite different. My son was in pain with a tooth and the doctor fit him in the next day to fix it. And had told us that there were going to be 4 silver teeth but when he came out only had 2 and 2 normal white fillings. He said once he got into the tooth it wasn't that big. Maybe he was just giving you the worse case scenario? Anyways my son and i definitly enjoyed our experience with him.

ive filed a formal complaint.

ive filed a formal complaint. you can do the same by emailing this address.

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