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The rating:
'I have had plastic surgery before and this time choose DR. MANN. I figured you pay for what you get. In this case I was wrong he is way over priced and when you go into your consultation he looks at you and tries to up-sell you. No one will ever be perfect! He has made this into his own high priced factory in Boca. I was not happy w/my lipo and when I went back seven months later of course instead of arranging to make me happy he again tried to sell me on another procedure. I see no change in my appearance and feel it was a wasted $17,000. Tasteless, greedy, rude, careless'
I understand that not every patient can be pleased with every visit to a doctor. I can sympathize with your dissapointment. Without comparring the financial expensenses, I can not, in my 64 years of being on this planet, ever use the words taseless,greedy,rude , or careless in the same sentence with Dr. Man or his practice.
I was cautioned by Dr. Man of the possibility of failure in my wife's procedure. There were additional costs that had to be added also. However, we are all adults and enter into these life changing procedures with some risk. I feel so sorry for your experience and hope you can resolve your situation either by reaching out to Dr. Man, or some other Doctor.