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'I'm 4 months post opp with Dr.Rival and I must say I'm extremely pleased with my results. I'm from winnipeg and made a two day drive to see him, completely worth it. My nose not only looks amazing, but it's so natural and no one can tell i've had surgery. My nose before was BIG, wide, huge nostrils, looked horrible in photos, and now, i've never felt more confident. People look at my eyes instead of my nose. Best money i've ever spent and the best decision in picking dr.rival for my surgeon. To anyone looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon I HIGHLY reccomend him, his ratings dont lie.'

I am fom Winnipeg and I am also thinking about having surgery with Dr Rival. I haven't gone for a consultation yet but I've been researching doctors online for a long ti me now and he seems to be a great surgeon.

I am very anxious about traveling to Toronto for my surgery, I'd much rather have it done at home but there are no surgeons in Winnipeg feel comfortable with. Would you be willing to share a bit more info with me regarding your experience with Dr Rival? My main questions are:

- Where did you stay to recover in Toronto?
- How long did you have to stay in Toronto before returning home?
- How many visits in total did you need to make to Toronto from start to finish?
-How long did it take before you could return to work and normal life without looking like you just had surgery?
- Did you tell people you were getting this done or was the change very obvious to most

Also, if you'd be willing to send me before and after pics that would be wonderful, but I totally understand f you don't want to.

Thank you!!!


Hi Lisa. I'm from Calgary and

Hi Lisa. I'm from Calgary and also want to travel to Toronto for this doctor. Did you do this from Winnipeg and if so how was your experience? Thx.

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