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'I seen Dr. Bannon today. I had a gall bladder out back in 2003 and am still having the same pain. I seen Dr. Bannon 2 years ago and again now. He just shakes it off like no big deal. I wish he took the time to consider what toll this takes on a person. My 4yr old daughter and I walked out of there, and she was questioning me WHY he was such a mean person. Hopefully whoever he see's for the rest of today he will bother to open the file. Cause it was certainly a waste of my time. I have since called my family doctor back to fill them in on what kind of healthcare was recieved by sending me to him. Wish they would bring back Dr. Wilson.'
I had my gallbladder out in 1992. I never got told that I could still have gallstones....so in 2011 when I had same pain, my Dr thought I had GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease)....so because I didn't know better I thought I was having this. I took prevacid for this, as told, but within less than 2 yrs, I was in emerg in terrible pain, and told I might have more gallstones...WHAT? WHERE, I don't have a gallbladder.....But when they take out your gallbladder you can still have them in your bile duct. Mine took many years to grow to crisis....but they had to come out, and they are hard to diagnose, because the ultrasound doesn't show much because the bile duct is thick, and small. They were removed by a procedure, using a scope, called an ERCP....I think Dr Don Clarke is only one in PEI who can do this, so you should get a referral to him...or maybe you have GERD, or something else, but if it is same pain, and if it is gallstones, don't let it become an emergency like mine, it was an awful week, and longer recovery because I was sedated for days before they figured it out. You know something is wrong, don't stop til you get an answer.