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'Had gum grafts done and it was the worst experience. Very painful and had to take a week off work. Was told I would beable to be back to work the next day. Had extreme pain and went back for a checkup and was treated like I was wasting their time. Grafts look horrible. Since then I had gum grafts done by a Periodontist and it was a great outcome. Would recommend you checkout the procedure as there are different procedures and this one is not the best.'
Sorry to hear your experience in our office and appreciate your effort to educate people to check out procedures. We do our best to make sure our patients have the most effective treatment and always patient's health and satisfaction are our first priorities. As a specialist of more than 10 years in the community, our reputation is the most valuable asset of our office and we offer free follow ups and even pay back treatments fees if a patient is not satisfied for any reason. We would have treated you in the same way if we knew your name and would have consulted with your other periodontist if you let us know who s/he was. Feel free to contact doctor Narani directly for following up with your experience.