Rating Feedback for Dr. Fenner (1694997)

The rating:
'I only went there for cosmetic fillers. Found the nurse to be wonderful but, as others have said, Dr. Fenner is not Mr. Personality. He came in, introduced himself, and got to work injecting the filler. When he was finished he merely layed the syringe down on the tray and walked out without saying good-bye, thank you, or anything. The nurse immediately started talking about what to expect from the procedure as she placed ice packs on my face. She was great. I asked about the need for antibiotics or anything else and she said I should ask at the front desk. As I was at the front desk asking my question Dr. Fenner walked by so I asked him. His one word response was, "No." and he continued walking.'
Did you like the way he did your fillers? What kind of fillers did he use? I appreciate your answers.