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The rating:
'Saw him for consult regarding TKR. He stated I was too young and too overweight. Fair enough. However, I did not appreciate that after he examined me and asked his questions - and had each of his residents do the same - he stood out in the hallway discussing the details of my case with them in PUBLIC; everyone else in the hallway could hear it as I could from inside the exam room. When one of his residents said "But the patient said regarding exercise..." he replied "The patient will tell you whatever they can to get what they want." WHAT??? Is that even remotely fair? The implication to the residents was that ALL PATIENTS ARE LIARS. He easily could have confirmed my claims with my family doctor, but instead chose to insult my character. My family doctor even suggested I report him to the Canadian Medical Association! I declined because I knew, given the fact he supervised them, his residents would have to support him, not me, even though I was honest! Avoid this self-gratifying man!'
I understand how you must have felt. Your privacy was completed comprised. Regardless of his staff backing him up, you should report him. These doctors are getting away with far too much. I also had a very negative experience with Dr. Adili...I literally left in tears. He picks & chooses who will do surgery on. Makes you feel like crap.