Rating Feedback for Dr. Beanes (1705290)

The rating:
'I went to Beanes for an inguinal hernia repair. Hours after the operation I repeatedly reported and went back to him for pain and abnormal function of my testicle. I was IGNORED. It later cost me a testicle due to his inactions. AVOID THIS "DOCTOR!" His ego is too big to care.'
This patient was operated on due to a complication that occurred from an operation performed by another surgeon. His chronic pain symptoms were relieved by the operation I performed. The risks of the procedure were discussed extensively with the patient. He called multiple times after the procedure, and all calls were handled personally. He had an unfortunate result due to the damage caused by the first surgeon's operation. The diagnosis was made in a timely fashion, but could not alter the outcome. This case was reviewed independently, and was determined to have followed the standard of care, with absolutely no evidence of negligence. The remainder of his comment is his opinion, and is not factual.