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The rating:
'Took 2.5 year old daughter on two visits for a fractured leg. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable - however, not sure about the physician. First visit, we saw him for all of 3 minutes and was barely present to answer questions. At least the cast guy was great. Second visit, we NEVER saw the physician - even though we re-scheduled based on his "availability." The Nurse Practitioner was very good and answered our questions thoroughly, but I don't see the point of the physician even getting paid for this visit! Why can the Ortho not even find the time for a 2-3 minute visit with the Family? Very disappointing...if we need to seek another Ortho in the future, we may be looking elsewhere.'
I know this reply is 2 years late.... anyway. you should be happy you never go to see the surgeon. Really. Dr. Shapiro deals with all kinds of very serious issues, including bone tumors. A nurse practitiones is perfectly appropriate for a broken leg, when all other tests suggest normalcy. When my kid borke her leg, the story was very different. Dr. Shapiro spends about 15 mins with her each 6 months and monitors her bone tumors. you do not want the "honcho guy" attention unless you really need it. trust me. I would have preferred a broken leg and a nurse practitioner, rather than something that warrants dr. shapiro's time.