Rating Feedback for Dr. Burdi (1210504)

The rating:
'Wow, no paragraphs allowed..I am HAPPY to be legally responsible for what I write here! This is the cruelist Dr. I have ever been to. I bent down to pick something off the floor and my back went into horrible spasms. Late morning on a Friday, we called around and the Mission Viejo Orthopaedic Group was able to take me and scheduled me with Dr. Burdi. Basically, he took X-rays and gave me 2 prescriptions, one was a pain killer and the other was a muscle relaxant. After 3 days of no relief, I called again on Monday to schedule a follow up. Dr. Burdi told me that he does not believe in prescribing narcotics in case I would get addicted or drive and kill someone. I was 56, had both of my children natural childbirth in the 70's, and had never had surgery before. I have, of course, warned everyone I come into contact with about Dr. Burdi and his sadistic outlook and apparently he is well known as a jerk in the Physical Therapy community. STAY FAR, FAR AWAY.'
Clearly you were a drug seeking patient and require a pain management expert, not a surgeon. I perform both nonoperative and operative care of patients and always have my patients best interest in mind. I prescribe narcotic pain medication when indicated but in this situation, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories were more appropriate. Anyone reading your one-sided diatribe of how terrible a physician I am next to all the complimentary commentary will see through the thin veil of drug seeking behavior you exhibited. It's unfortunate that you didn't see I had your best interest in mind...