Rating Feedback for Dr. GRABER (2504034)

The rating:
'Unfortunately Dr. Graber underestimated me as a patient. A filling he had put in broke because of obvious, visible decay underneath. My feeling was that he bothched the job. When I brought this up to him he, of course, said there was nothing wrong with his work and that it broke because I eat almonds. Huh? He then told me that I would need an overlay and if that didn't hold I would need a crown. I asked him 3 times why he just couldn't refill it! It was impossible he said. Half of the overlay would be $460 out of pocket and if insurance didn't cover the the other half (which it would not have because it's considered cosmetic) it would be another $460. I sought 2 second opinions and BOTH said I DID NOT need an overlay. One said that it would be quite easy to refill because it was composite and he would do so for $300. The third opinion said it looked like the filling broke and he would refill it for $85. His staff is often clueless and I'm taking my business elsewhere. You should too.'
I did not fill the tooth in question, which is irrefutable given the patient's records and chart.