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'very charming, but i yet have had the pleasure of being able to come out of his office satisfied with an anwer to my problem, he never has the time to do anything for you and he sends you for blood test or a specialist to spit you out, sometimes i feel the does not care for his patients, as he is too busy with high possition in the hospital. he makes you wait for ever and when he comes to see you, you out in two minutes(no joke) he takes longer to write you prescription then to see you. But like i said very charming!!!!!!'
At least he sends you to specialists - you want that - honestly. I only wish I had that - I have to go to the hospital myself to source who I need. My neurologist came out and called my GP LAZY because I had to bug her to get the appointment - now my hand is permanently neurologically messed up. Thank your lucky stars you have him. Mine is moody and can't keep patients or staff.