Rating Feedback for Dr. Haiavy (1252476)

The rating:
'Before seeing me for a consultation, Mr. Haiavy's office charged my card half of the amount for a breast augmentation, (which was unusual to me). After the consulation, I schedualed an appointment to have the surgery done, happy with how the consultation went. The day of my surgery, I was rear ended by another car on my way to Mr. Haiavy's office. I called the office to tell them what happened, and that I would be late, and they transfered me to Mr. Haiavy because I was told he wanted to talk to me. He Immediately began screaming and yelling at me in a violent manner, & hung up in my face! and I was totally shocked, of course that made me not want to do the surgery at all with him, and I cancelled the surgery, because I no longer felt safe in his hands. They kept the amount that was already charged on my card, and didn't give it back. I am now in the process of reporting him to the BBB, and anything else I can do to let people know how insane this man is! Please Find a better doctor!'
No way!!! First of all, DR. Haiavy does not have an angry disposition at all. Secondly, your story makes no sense. When I had surgery, I put a small deposit down, then 2 weeks prior to my surgery the balance was due. I had my surgery and I am as happy as can be. Either you are a liar or you have Dr. Haiavy confused with someone else. Shame on you for dragging this great surgeon through the mud for someting that he didn't even do.