Rating Feedback for Dr. Romanescu (2539811)

The rating:
'Worst doctor. Very unprofessional. I agree completely with a previous poster about her disregarding you and rushing to get you out. She does spend a lot of time on the computer. She told me she was going to refer me to a specialist and I phoned back two weeks later to find out about it and I found out that she "changed her mind" about the specialist! She only cares about blood work and not symptoms. I had 7 symptoms to discuss with her and she said she "didn't care" about these other symptoms (yes, her words), only about my blood work. Then she got up and walked out. Highly unprofessional! She has missed many of my sons ear infections and my son even had bleeding out of his ear! Horrible, horrible doctor!'
I wholeheartedly AGREE. She is a walking time bomb. She treats everyone like they are below her - you're a GP - not God. And promises you "I'll take care of you", but is a constant let down. give her an F for patient care - meaning caring about us and our overall health and well being. I always wonder why she always had so many different receptionists and one time I went in and no one was there. Heaven help that poor lady who sits there now. I can only imagine what that doctor is like to work for if this is the treatment we get as patients - aren't we the customers?