Rating Feedback for Dr. Connery (2513490)

The rating:
'I just left Dr.Connory's office & am absolutely disgusted with our experience. First the girls at the window entered my insurance information incorrectly & told me that my insurance was not valid. I had to call my insurance company & hand my cell phone to the receptionist for them to figure out the error (which was on Brickyard ped. behalf) After an extra 45 min the waiting room my son & I were calked back. Dr.Connory came across very disheveled & pompous. He was coughing & touching my son before sanitizing his hands. I will definitely be finding another pediatrician. I am a registered nurse & take care of people every day, leaving this office I felt we received the bare minimum of care.'
This is Dr Connery, upon receiving notice of this review I had gathered my staff regarding this patient. This mother was easily remembered because she had initially presented us with the old insurance card, this led to the initial invalid determination. When the new card was presented we then had to go through the process of verification which we normally do in advance in order to save patient time.
Our waiting room does have separate sick and well areas that are more comfortable than being put back immediately into the exam rooms.
As to my appearance, I have received similar comments because I do not wear a tie and the resultant open collar does look off for some people. I do this so as not to spread infection.