Rating Feedback for Dr. Mihalik (1216457)

The rating:
'This was the first gynecologist that I ever went to see, so naturally I trusted her when she said my baby "was ready" to come out. She induced me early and my son was actually not ready for the world yet,and had to spend 8 days in the NICU. This was several years ago and I am hoping the rumors I heard are true, that she is no longer allowed to delivery babies.'
Dr. Mihalik has no restrictions on her liscense. This information is easily verified. Also many inductions occur for different reasons and babies spend time in the NICU for many reasons. Dr. Mihalik stopped delivering babies approximately 10 years ago because she had a very busy cosmetic practice that was developing along with her GYN practice and chose to spend more time with her family. She is able to resume obstetrics at any time.