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'I use to see Dr. Lage years ago. I continually went and saw her over and over again with several different symptoms I was experiencing. She continued to tell me they were symptoms of stress and offered my anti-anxiety/depression medication. I refused and became frustrated cause I new it was something else going on other then just stress. I went to another clinic and within my first appointment they new what blood tests to test me for and sure enough I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder. I was so upset that I had seen Dr. Lage repetitive times and she dismissed it for nothing other than stress, and never even thought to send me for a blood test.'
Can you email me at ( citrouille @ live.jp ) (sorry, i don't know what spam bots are like on here) and tell me what clinic you went to? The exact same thing is happening with me and she told me to exercise and that would fix all of my problems. I don't know where else to go to get this checked out though. Thank you!!