Chronic pain management

I am a chronic pain suffer. I am 57 years old. I had been prescribed 1-2 emtac up to 4 times daily as needed. I feel this is very reasonable, and I don't always need that many and do not take them unless necessary. I work full time in a physical job. I have two Drs who have passed what medicals I need to continue working. New Dr wants to lower the tablets 1-2 emtac up to 3 times daily as needed.
This is really bothering because it will affect my ability to do my job. It is putting me into anxiety.
May I have some suggestions please. It would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

Hi Sew, I am not in any

Hi Sew,

I am not in any medical field. But one thing I can say is, I am also suffering with hip pain. My doctor gave me a pain killer and said take one a day for 90 days and then come and see me because I need to do a blood test to check if my kidneys and my liver are in good conditions. I got a bit worried and I took the tablets as needed and not one a day. This really helps. Just take your tablets as what your doctor had advice by taking it as needed and maybe you might not need them at all. Wish you all the best and hope this helps.

He only lowered the dose by a

He only lowered the dose by a small amount, so I would give it a try.

Keep a precise log of when you need to take the meds (times and dates) and describe your symptoms and levels of pain in detail, including anytime you are unable to work, go over the log with him at the next appointment.

Be honest with him about the anxiety you are experiencing regarding any anticipated change in your current regimen.

I appreciate your feedback,

I appreciate your feedback, it helps me alot.

When this started, I was in the waiting room. My Dr. called me to come. As we walked down to his office, before we were in his office, he turned to me and said, "I guess you thought I wasn't paying attention" (?)

I was seeing a therapist, who had refered me to another specialist. I did not understand what my Dr meant with the comment.

As I entered the room, he advised me I had an appointment that very day, with the specialist. He asked if I knew that. I said I knew one was recommended, but I had missed a therapist appointment, so the communication was missed. He phoned the specialist back said I was with him, that I would be there. I was getting my prescriptions refilled. My Dr appeared very animated, handed me the prescriptions and I left.

At the pharmacy, they told me the emtec was changed to a lower dose. I said no, that it had not been discussed, please phone the Dr. When I returned for the presciptions, they were set at the usual dosage, for 3 month refills, but the 3rd and last refill was for 60 emtec tablets, only.

I had occassion to return to the Dr. for test results and I brought up the emtec. He wanted it lowered, said very little, no discussion. I brought up the fact that the specialist specifically said, not to change my prescriptions. Apparently that was what the therapist wanted his opinion on, which I didn't know, and my GP was ticked off.

I spoke with my therapist about the changes, on account it was their idea to see this specialist, and that it seemed to upset my Dr. as he was not in the loop.

I saw my Dr. a few days ago, he was very condescending through my brief visit. Intentionally unpleasant. I phoned his office back, when I arrived home and asked the receptionist to give the Dr. a message for me, that I would like a referral for another GP.

What can happen with bad communication. Now it is no communication, so far anyway.

I will not be able to work unless this gets straightened out, and I haven't slept.

Sew wrote: He wanted it

Sew wrote:

He wanted it lowered, said very little, no discussion. I brought up the fact that the specialist specifically said, not to change my prescriptions.

I spoke with my therapist about the changes, on account it was their idea to see this specialist, and that it seemed to upset my Dr. as he was not in the loop.

And what did the therapist say when you mentioned your GP seemed upset?

I really don’t know the logistics of how doctors work these things out, but my common sense tells me the therapist, specialist and GP need to communicate together in order to decide what is best for you.

The doctor writing the prescription should have the final say, it seems to me. If that is your GP then I can understand why he would be upset if he was out of the loop.

Can a therapist or specialist tell a GP how to prescribe? Puzzled If the specialist thinks your prescription should not be changed maybe the specialist should write the prescription.

I get the impression your GP feels you weren’t being totally honest.

I personally would try to discuss this with your GP and work things out rather than changing doctors.

Then again maybe I totally misunderstood what transpired. Smiling

I agree with the other comments; you should give the lower dose a try.

I agree. I hope they are all

I agree. I hope they are all speaking, or maybe they have already. The therapist wanted an opinion to see if this could be effecting me. I think what happened is that the therapist could not be reached on the day of the appt with the specialist. Specialist phoned my GP to ask why he was seeing me. Then I walked in for my appt. I believe that I, by missing a therapist appointment due to being unwell, set this up. I knew the specialist appt was in play, but not when. Therapist wanted to see me one more time first. By missing the therapist appt, also therapist did not finish the play with the specialist when I cancelled, caused a problem I was not aware of, or I would certainly have corrected it.

Only my opinion, but this is what went wrong. My GP has his back up. Therapist wanted me not to worry before I know what was going on, to speak with my GP about it before I worry needlessly. It was then I realized that the GP was not wanting me even in his office, never mind a chat about it. So I phoned to ask to be referred to another GP.

They say things happen for a reason. I've had 3 hours sleep, will remain focused and concentrate on what I need to do. I need to work for a few more years and will pace myself accordingly, having just learned another life lesson.

Drs across the board are

Drs across the board are under pressure to cut down on the amount of pain meds/narcotics they prescribe.

Stay calm and try to identify what you need in order to be pain free and function and how to articulate that information to your dr, think positive.

The slightly lower dose may be adequate, give it a chance.

Don't forget, keep a log!

Sound and sage advice. I

Sound and sage advice. I have to say I've never kept a pain journal before. I will google that for reference. My zoe cat is on my painful shoulders, as I pay more attention to this tablet rather than her. She is wonderfully warm though.

I have just come upon a streaming and sneezing nasal condition. Not too surprising that extreme stress shuts down one's immune system. I may be the classic text book case for stress.

Another reminder about lessons.

Thanks to one and all who posted and got me through my rough evening of doubt. A cold has a way of shutting everything down to a point of focus, that being itself and the nearest tissue box. The cat has me right where she wants me, in bed, hardly moving is her favourite position.

Cheers to everyone on the path to care.

I think it is helpful, often when you are at your drs appointment you may not remember specifics, the more information you provide, the better.

Severe pain is like a nightmare, hard to describe afterwards.

Get some rest, take care.

I have been searching on line

I have been searching on line for communicating between Dr and patient. The more I read, the more I believe my GP believed that I was searching for more medication, thus his response.

Then my action of requesting another GP is another indication I was possibly Dr. shopping in his mind.

Time for fresh approach from the ground up. A total review of meds, with a healthy emphasis on communication to avoid mis-comminication.

Today I phoned and cancelled

Today I phoned and cancelled the next therapist appt. Said I was ending these sessions.

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