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'7 weeks post surgery on a bone spur.i had major complications.severe swelling and pain.he was 3 days from holidays so he sent me out with a sling and a note for time off work.i asked him to contact blue cross and he didnt,he was more worried about leaving the country.i also had to fight him for 9 years to get this surgery done.he gave me 4 cortizone shots when only 2 maybe 3 tops is allowed.might explain the complications i am having today.he is rude,called me a wimp because i cant work.it's my dominant habd and i weld.kind of impossible to weld with your arm in a sling!!!in my opinion this guy should have his license stripped.instead he wins doctor of the year for 2010??????wow.our medical situation in humboldt is in major trouble if this clown wins such an award!!not to mention the women at the front desk shredding blue cross forms when my place of work faxes them to his office!!!'
I have no family relations with Kirchgessner just so you know I am not defending him because of that reason. I am 17 years old and Dr.K has been my family doctor since I was born.
You may find him rude at times yes. However, I find his humor like my grandfathers, or my fathers, where they tease me. For example, Kirchgessner has said that he as three kinds of patients... 1) Patients with problems 2) Problem patients 3) Problem patients with problems and well, for me, he considers me the unknown.
I have asthma, eczema, major depression, ADHD and High Blood pressure! (when he saw my numbers he literally jumped a bit) I am 17 with high blood pressure...
Sometimes I think I have other problems, but it ends up that I don't! I'll go in asking what's wrong (my hemoglobin levels are REALLY high). And so, just for me, he sends me off to Saskatoon for tests. I spent one week in the hospital and nothing seemed wrong. I naturally have high hemoglobin levels. He guessed that right off the start. I was thinking I had some rare blood disease but I didn't.
Dr. Daniel Kirchgessner is an amazing doctor. If you go in with a good attitude you'll come out laughing. Smiling