Rating Feedback for Dr. Van Laeken (760976)

The rating:
'I had breast reduction surgery by Dr. Van Laeken in 2005. My breasts, prior to surgery, were full and gorgeous, just WAY too big for my tiny frame. When they healed from the surgery, I noticed that I no longer had a cleavage. I had 2 nipples and one table like misshapen lump on my chest. I had to have a 2nd surgery to correct it. Her office then lost my request for my 2nd surgery, which elongated my wait time for the surgery. It took over 2 years of waiting between the two operations. My breasts are still misshapen and are now 2 different sizes. She was curt, short, and did not listen to any of my concerns. She said that this is just how my body "is". Bull. Now I'm going to have to save up for a 3rd corrective surgery, because MSP won't pay for one more. In the meantime, I can't find a bra that will fit or wear anything that is remotely low cut. I still don't have a cleavage. I wouldn't recommend her to my worst enemy.'
She did the same thing to me, I want to sue her and looking for other patients' support, please email me at

if you want me to contact you.