Rating Feedback for Dr. Van Laeken (1311536)

The rating:
'This doctor is a nice person but I ended up with a not-so-nice result. I ,like everyone, was informed of the 'risks' involved with breast augmentation & was willing to take on the surgery knowing I was in the hands of a skilled surgeon. I ended up with a defective nipple. This is not the 'sensitivity' risk we are warned of before signing up. This is a nipple that has had a nerve damaged and no longer becomes erect. There is also noticeable flacid/deadened skin below the nipple. She did try to fix things (sent me to another surgeon for evaluation, booked physio appts for me)--all to no avail. As well, I have one breast that sits noticeably lower than the other. She explained this was due to one pocket being made larger than the other. No explanation as to why this occurred, or how it could have been avoided. Several years later,this result still bothers me. If I had the option to do it over again, knowing the real risks are 'unknown', I would never undertake this procedure.'
She did the same thing to me, I want to sue her and looking for other patients' support, please email me at

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