Rating Feedback for Dr. Van Laeken (1575621)

The rating:
'Do not bother with this doctor if you are a MSP patient!! She could care less about you if you aren't a paying customer. When I met her for my first consultation at the hospital, I got a really bad first impression. She was very cold and short with us. She spent less than five minutes talking to us. Still, I decided to go ahead and book the surgery. I was put on a waiting list for the surgery and was told the wait would be one year, which is ridiculous. It has now been a year and a half and I am still waiting with no end in sight. I have had other health issues that need addressing by her, and have contacted her office multiple times. I am always given one excuse after another. They promise they will speak to the doctor and get back to me, and then never do. It is very obvious she only cares about the money that comes from her boob jobs and tummy tucks and not those with true medical ailments. My experience has been VERY disappointing and frustrating.'
She did the same thing to me, I want to sue her and looking for other patients' support, please email me at

if you want me to contact you.