Rating Feedback for Dr. Drummond (2525157)

The rating:
'I have been a patient of Dr. Drummond for several years. I have no complaints when it comes to Dr. Drummond. His work is exceptional and he is very kind. However his front office staff is the reason for my recent change in dentist. The last appointment I had scheduled had to be rescheduled by his office manager Misty two different times. During each conversation she was rude and failed to understand that due to my work schedule I was only available certain days of the week and when I couldn't accomadate her openings she moved my appointment out 8 weeks and said she would call me if she had any cancellations but never did. When I was able to finally see Dr. Drummond I sat in the waiting room for almost 30 minutes and listened to the office manager speak badly of another patient for several minutes because they were unable to keep their appointment that afternoon. I found that ironic given my situation. I would gladly return to Dr. Drummond if he has a change in office managers.'
I'm sorry you feel that you had a bad experience with Misty. I am one that is always rescheduling because I too can only have appointments on certain days and she's always been so patient and professional. Talking bad about another patient sounds completely out of character for her. I only give credit where credit is due and I feel Misty and the entire staff is extremely accommodating and professional. I hope you have a change in heart regarding Dr. Drummond's Staff.