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'Be careful what you wish for...I went in for breast implants to enhance a somewhat ski-slope, after children looking breasts. I was a full B or slight C. I requested a full C cup, because that is what I was in H.S. and college. After surgery, I was extremely "swollen" (or so I was told). The "swelling" never went down, and I am an overly full D to DD.I have never been unhappier with my looks. I feel I look FAT all the time. My tops are all too tight. In order to get clothes that fit around my chest, the shoulders hang, the garment is too long, and in general, very unflattering look. I am 5'6" and weigh 122 pounds. Dr. Laufer does excellent work and his ability is not to be questioned. But in my case, I am stuck with more, much more, than I asked .'
Dear patient,
I really try my best in improving patients body image and especially empowering women .Plastic surgery is not a precise science it is an art form.If you feel that I made mistake or misjudgement i invite you to my newly built Laufer Institute of Plastic Surgery (LIPS) in Dunedin Florida and if at all possible I'll rectify it.