Rating Feedback for Dr. Zivney (1495368)

The rating:
'i would never recomend this dr to any one. very rude. rude to my husband and i and made comments that really embarrassed me and hurt my feelings. i absolutely can not stand this dr. and never will even go back if he was the last dr on earth. he gets very impatient with his patients when asking questions to better understand what he is explaining. feel as if he doesnt care nothing for his patients well at least the ones who arnt made of money and as high class as him i guess. all i can say is i cant stand this man or his nurse and will never recomend him. and if any one ever asked me i would give my honest experience with him.and i couldnt even imagine his bedside manners.....i switched drs. and i can tell you one dr that i will highly recomend to eveyone is Dr.Ryan Walter, best dr ever.'
what kind of medicaid plan did you have?