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'I made the previous post on 10/11/09... and wanted to include that not only was Dr. Morales going to charge us $16,000-$20,000 for what she said were our "only options" to have a child... but after getting a second opinion and learning other options... on our FIRST attempt at a low-tech procedure, (Clomid IUI) we conceived! The Clomid medicine cost $12 and the IUI cost $182 and was done at Sharp Rees-Stealy. Our baby is due in 6 months... thanks to other doctors. If Dr. Morales does not give you hope, as was our case, go get a second opinion!!'
I need your help!! I'm also a patient of MD Morales and I'm unsure about her. Could you please tell me which Sharp Rees Stearly did you go and what doctor did you see to get your IUI. I'm thinking about doing an IUI with Sharp, but I don't know exactly where they offer it.
Thank you for your help and have a wonderful day.