Rating Feedback for Dr. Borenstein (1731430)

The rating:
'STAFF: STRESSED OUT RECEPTIONIST. Dr Borenstein may know his facts about adrenal glands and the thyroid but when it comes to TALKING TO THE PATIENT, HE NEEDS TO IMPROVE. Every time I go to see him it is the same thing, he sits me down. He barely looks at my face. He tells me what he has to tell me (takes 2 minutes) and then walks to the doorway of his office and asks me if there is anything I wanted to ask him. WHAT??! Buddy, I just sat down a minute ago. HE WANTS YOU IN AND OUT. He might be knowledgeable about things but he's all business. If I can find another knowledgeable hollistic doctor I'm switching in a heartbeat.'
I agree. The people who answer the phones are very difficult. One conversation with them will give you hormonal imbalance!